This i the part of OSCON where I had the hard part of the week where I worked a booth for the entire week. I was able to meet many different people from all over the world through this experience. 66731_10151578417818160_1604991232_n

(Courtesy of: Benjamin Kerensa)

Tuesday was a hard day for the booth because it was only open in the evening and everybody was around to come and see. however I was excited to show off the new Ubuntu Edge phone and phone campaign that is taking place. After the expo hall closed down, I was able to attend the Planet OSCON Party where there was free egg rolls. Always been a fan of Chinese food!

The next day of Booth work was the longest day of the entire week for me. All day on my feet helping out the people who are interested in what Ubuntu is up to these days.If you were one of these people, let me say thank you. thank you for making sure to let us know what the users want, and making sure your questions make me always know what I need to know to help the rest of the Ubuntu community out. It is conferences like this where we can get a first hand interaction with the people using what we work on everyday.

Thursday was the last day of my booth work and I was happy to be able to call the hard work to a close, but sad to be now unable to interact with these people on a daily basis.  Soon after this, I flew back home and all of a sudden, my boring life resumed. Though I am still bringing back a heart warmed by the great many people I met from all over the open source community. Thank you for being a fan of Ubuntu. We do it for the fans. We do it for you!



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