My review of The Official Ubuntu Book (7th Edition)

After reading this book I can say that I have a better understanding on how this Ubuntu operating works. The nice thing about this book compared to other books on Ubuntu that cover how to use Ubuntu, is this books covers not only these topics, but goes over why and how Ubuntu came into being and thoroughly teaches the readers how the Ubuntu community runs and operates. I have seen first hand what happens in the Ubuntu community when a new helpful hand joins and speeds up the Ubuntu development. This books helps people know the option to join is available. This book also goes over how to get your app into the Ubuntu Software center, the app where people install software for their Ubuntu system. Basically this book starts out explaining what Ubuntu is, then moves on to installing it, the command line and running it as a server. but the main selling point in the book is the books ability to comprehensibly show how the Ubuntu community works and this is where other books fall short compared to this book. Highly recommend to people wanting to install Ubuntu, and even someone wanting to help make Ubuntu even better.


2 thoughts on “My review of The Official Ubuntu Book (7th Edition)

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