In this installment of We Are Ubuntu; Community members at large, I interview  Benjamin Kerensa. This indivuidal has, and is doing many great things for Ubuntu . I have worked with him on the Ubuntu-Leadership team and the Ubuntu-Weekely-Newsleter. He resides in Oregon, and runs the LoCo up there. Here is what he has to say…

In what areas have you helped in the Ubuntu and what does this do to better the community as a whole?

I have helped by reviving the Ubuntu Oregon LoCo Team where I’m currently Team Lead, I have contribute to the Doc Team by working on Community Doc and the 12.04 Server Guide, I participated in the Ubuntu Leadership Manual and have contributed to Ubuntu Development by transitioning one package to Multi-Arch.

 What makes you run Ubuntu?

I’m fan of the fast release cycles and the community-focused nature of Ubuntu. Although, I support FOSS in general the combination of Community, Release Cycles and the inclusive nature of Ubuntu makes it the only distro I will run going forward.

 What inspired you to join the Ubuntu community?

To tell you the truth I had been interested in getting involved in the Ubuntu Oregon LoCo and when I found out the LoCo was essentially dormant I became disappointed but through the encouragement of Mark Terranova (I declined twice) I accepted the role of Ubuntu Oregon LoCo Team Lead during OSCON 2011. I think the one thing that keeps me actively contributing is seeing my contributions aid others and also by seeing the contributions of others and how it impacts not only the Ubuntu Community but the FOSS Community at large.

 Is there anything else you would like to do with Ubuntu that you have not done?

I have fancied the idea of someday applying myself towards becoming a Ubuntu MOTU but I think right now the Ubuntu Oregon LoCo continues to need my contributions and I feel maintaining a focus on LoCo’s is best at this time.

 What do you feel you have to offer and bring to the table that can help Ubuntu?

I feel that I’m one puzzle piece in the massive puzzle that we call the Ubuntu Community. I think my biggest asset is evangelism in LoCo Teams and getting
people active. One great thing about the Ubuntu Community is that we are always sharing knowledge so that each of us can learn new ways to contribute and because of this what I bring to the table changes on a regular basis.

Benjamin has a website at

Follow him on twitter as well at!/bkerensa

Also, Add him on Google+ at


Philip Ballew Can be Contacted at

Follow Philip Ballew on twitter at!/philipballew for up the minute happenings with Philip’s Ubuntu Adventures


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