Making All Community Members Feel Valued

I  will be for the next few weeks writting articles showcasing and recognizing the people who I work with in the community. In these articles I will ask them a few questions as well as tell you just how I was impressed with their work on Ubuntu. I feel that I can accomplish two things with this set of blogs I will be posting. I can help people get the recognition they deserve, and also, bring to light some of the lesser known members of our community. These are going to be the ones who I feel work just as hard but are not in the spotlight as often as other, more prominent members. Though some people I will attempt to interview will be widely known to some, they still may need to be interviewed so everyone knows who they are. I hope to start putting these blogs out sometime in the next couple weeks, hope you all can read them!


10 thoughts on “Making All Community Members Feel Valued

  1. This sounds like a fun idea, and I remember someone used to do something like this on Planet Ubuntu earlier.

    I don’t think it will accomplish the post title’s goal of “Making All Community Members Feel Valued,” though. I seem to remember Jono or someone else noting that singling out a few members for special treatment makes the others feel bad that they didn’t get it.

  2. Perhaps we could do spotlights on teams instead of people? That way we’re highlighting the people in the team who have a sort of self-given mandate to do a certain thing.

    There are plenty of teams that don’t get much press for all their hard work cycle after cycle.

  3. Spell check and proof read your blog posts (I only say this because this isn’t the first time where your posts could do with a once-over).

    It would be a terrible irony if you posted articles about how much you care about community members, yet can’t be bothered to review your work for quality (or worse, can’t be bothered to ask a computer to review your work). It only takes a minute or two. Find a buddy and ask them to read through your posts if need be. It’s always more difficult proofreading something you wrote.

  4. I love ubuntu 11.04
    What ever possessed you to create this 11.10 garbage! If I had needed some Win7 lookalike rubbish I would have purchased the ‘real thing’ for Gods sake. I made the stupid mistake of ‘clicking’ to download updates for my beloved 11.04 and got a compulsory download of this mindless rubbish.

  5. Like 3d engines? We are developing a software for 3 d modelization. Quite earlier realased, we d like to have users. Before the end of the week 1.8 realesed is planned.

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