Ubuntu Developer Summit Remote Participation Day Three

The third day of UDS started out really nicely with the Community Roundtable discussing how to conduct and perform good Installfests. I found it very good for people to be able to discuss being able to help others install Ubuntu. With an Installfests we can vring Ubuntu into even more hands then we have now.

After this session, I joined the Ask Ubuntu session. I have for the past coupple weeks been asking questions on Ask Ubuntu and will start answering questions there as well very soon. It is very intresting to see all that the community has been coming up with. Also, props to Jorge Castro, because I see his name all over this site.

Later in the day, I went and sat in the Accessibility Team meeting. It was very inspering to see all the people who can use Ubuntu because of the work being done by the Accessibility Team and their hard efforts. High five to everybody on their team.

Right after, I joined the meeting on Ubuntu leadership goals. We discussed many avenues for the team to go down in order to become funny helpful with what it wants to do. We also brought up a possible name change and setting up mentors. Later i signed up to lead a IRC session with the group as an effort to help them get started. I am stoked for all this team has to offer.

This has been a day worth attending, and I am quite happy to have attended. I was quite fortunate to have been able to join this day remotely.


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