Ubuntu Developer Summit Remote Participation Day Two

Day two of the Ubuntu Developer Summit was a great success  as I started out by joining the Community Roundtable session. Here we discussed ways that the community can make itself better and in turn, better Ubuntu. One big way that we discussed was the bureaucracy that the Ubuntu community can contain if not handled right. This is essential to try to get rid of in order to bring new users in. This bureaucracy is not just from in the top, where the more popular leaders are, but it can be at the bottom as well. Say for instence at the smallest level, a Ubuntu Hour.  Sometimes you need to be able to hand over responsiblities to Regular Ubuntu users showing up to your ubuntu hour. Why you ask, because it keeps them coming back and allows them to feel responsible. After the Community Roundtable, I attended the Meet with the Ubuntu Desktop Designers session. This helped the community see the people behind Unity, Ubuntu’s new desktop interface/shell that has been used since 10.10. (yes, remember the netbook edition). All the things behind the design of the desktop was very interesting. I feel very happy to have attended. Later in the day I attended the Ubuntu Leadership Summit. I feel very close to this because I have been spending a good amount of time helping this group get off the ground.We talked about such items as term limits and matters of that sort. I was intrigued when the topic of keeping counsels more accountable was brought up. The idea to have the CC watch over and perform check-ups on other groups was mentoned. It seems like it might allow the members of the CC to help other counsels in the Ubuntu community. This is going to be a successful week with the Leadership summit that I will be attending tomorrow as well. More will come tomorrow!


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