I just Upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10

Upgrading to Ubuntu 11.10 last night was easy with a simple “sudo do-release-upgrade -d” allowing me to be able to be able to simply upgrade from the shell and still use my laptop while it updated. It was easy to restart and boot right into my system. Ubuntu 11.10 will be a great system running on my laptop. I can wait for what this release cycle has in store and all I can do with Ubuntu. What are everybody else’s thoughts?


9 thoughts on “I just Upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10

  1. I installed the beta myself yesterday.
    Usually when installing Ubuntu I need to fix something the hard way due to odd system configuration, but this time (even in beta!) the install was smooth and required almost no interaction other than picking packages to install and remove (I disagree with some defaults, but there’s no impediment to mix and match).
    I missed Synaptic in the default install, but the Software Center is surprisingly good. I don’t remember liking it in 11.04, but I almost switch to it in 11.10. Unfortunately, it doesn’t list dependencies when installing a package, and at times I don’t want to bring certain dependencies when installing a program, so that bit of information is missing for me. If added I might switch to it!

    I am particularly satisfied with Unity. It managed to have GL acceleration right from the liveCD (nvidia hardware), and the effects are very smooth and pretty good looking. I am a KDE guy, but I liked it enough to duplicate it fairly faithfully in KDE (including the Unity launcher api thanks to a new-ish taskbar fork). It’ll be my fallback session from now on. Unity2D seems to be in parity now, which is really nice as well.

    Deja Dup in the default set of apps is quite a smart move in my opinion. It’s a bit simplish looking but having it on default kind of increases awareness about backing up, a thought that might not cross the mind of every user unless told.

    All in all, it was extremely fast to get it up and running even before release, I experienced no crashes from any of the main tools or libraries, and it gave me no trouble at all. The slideshow during installs should be longer though, you are done with it way before 30% (it’s a great place to advertise features and apps, since users that didn’t go grab a coffee are bored to death so they will read anything)

  2. I’m a little worried. We are three days before the official release and the are still a few bugs that are showstoppers. In particular, Compiz and Nautilus quitting unexpectedly.

  3. So if i am on Ubuntu 11.04 now all i need to do is sudo do-release-upgrade to get 11.10 already?

    Isn’t it “sudo do-release-upgrade -d”?

  4. I’m happy with 11.10 and unity since beta 2, It’s stable and clean , and just start learning unity API πŸ™‚
    My sister still run Ubuntu 8.10 but when she saw my desktop she insist to install Ubuntu 11.10 unity , my uncle also want unity πŸ™‚ , so I will be busy installing 11.10 to them when it’s came out officially πŸ™‚
    the only thing that bother me is Theme and Font configuration , Gnome Tweak tool depends on Gnome Shell but I do not want to install GS and all it’s stuff just to be able to change my font ! It seems like I will create my own Tweak tool .

  5. Just switched as well (I guess it’s more or less a RC ?). It’s pretty good, but the switch to the still very young Gnome 3 brings quite a few rough edges (nothing that bad but still). + Unity/Compiz still have some bugs.

    I’m pretty sure 12.04 will rock, but 11.10 will be a far from perfect release I fear, just like 11.04 was. But still usable and mostly stable !

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