Complaining about bugs; but not helping to fix them.

Lately I have seen people complaining about bugs on Ubuntu saying they need to be fixed and fixed now. Well, yes I do see this as maybe people just venting frustration, but that is not nesserly going to help. Even if you do not have a really high technical skill level, (like myself) you should still help test a patch or test a updated ppa to see if it works instead of complaining about it. Its like people want something done, but do not want to do it themselves. Maybe they can report it and make known the bug. Complaining is not really going to help either you, or other people.

Instead you should say, “I found this bug, what can I do to help fix it.” saying ‘Look there! Its not working, Fix this now!!!” is not going to really help your bug get fixed. That is the tendency with open source software sometimes to released as soon as its written. It is a good way to get things into the hands of users who need it as soon as possible.

Maybe it is just the way a person is. They want other people to fix their problem. After all, Ubuntu is free. Its not as if you bought a defective product. Not to say Ubuntu is not quality, because truly it is. As we push towards 11.10 that is what is on all testers minds. Just think about if you see a bug or file a bug that affects you or is something you think you might be able to help fix. Not that we all need to be or can write patches, but sometimes we should do all we can, even if that is not getting really mad when things take a while.


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