Ubuntu Global Jam San Diego wrap-up

The Global Jam went off great! it was a a excellent time to discuss the release and show off all Ubuntu has to the people who were able to come out. The meeting brought out a xubuntu user who lives in the area who has not been to any events and shows great interest in getting involved and making xubuntu the best experience for everybody. with everybody who came all were very interested in seeing all they can get and give with Ubuntu.

The location of our place was a new spot for our LoCo to meet at. the owner of the Internet cafe that we have met at is also a Ubuntu user and saw loaning out his place as a great way to help the community and he is right!!!

This Location is also going to be the spot for us to host the future Ubuntu Hours in San Diego. Located in Hillcrest this spot features a prime location for everyone who can come out to have easy access.

San Diego is to be a thriving area for all open source activity!!!


One thought on “Ubuntu Global Jam San Diego wrap-up

  1. Hi Philip, Thanks for hosting a Jam! Do you have some photos? If so, post them on your favourite photo sharing service with the tags ugj, ubuntu, oneiric.

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