San Deigo Global Jam, You know you wanna come out!

This coming Saturday at the Cafe Libertalia, in the wonderful area of Hillcrest in San Diego California, the California LoCo will be hosting a global jam for everybody to come and test out Ubuntu 11.10.  Here at the Global Jam we will be Testing and Upgrading the newest 11.10 and in order to make sure every Ubuntu user gets the best experience on their machine they can get.

The Location, Cafe Libertalia , is a great venue as some of the workers there are Ubuntu users there as well, making the location 100 percent Ubuntu friendly. Located in the heart of Hillcrest, this is in a great location for all of San Diego. Everybody who lives in the area should come for this event. Think of all the reasons you would want to come:

  1. Free Stuff. Because You can no longer get officially made Ubuntu Cd’s sent in the mail to you. you need to find a LoCo who has some for you. well guess what… WE GOT THEM FOR YOU!!!
  2. You will feel really cool. Knowing you helped yourself make Ubuntu better for you and as well as others will give you that warm-fuzzy feeling inside you always enjoy
  3. Serious Geeek-Cred: imagine you meet a man who you see using Ubuntu, and when you see this you have the opportunity to talk to him about his computer when he asks you about a bug he has on his system. You respond “yeah, I saw this bug back at a official Ubuntu bug testing meeting.” BAM! you now are seen as that cool geek who can do whatever needs to be done.
  4. With all the Linux/Ubuntu Brain-Power in one building if you bring a laptop or desktop with Linux already on there we will diagnose and help you fix problems you may have. Also, we can install Ubuntu on to there for you as well if you have a Windows or Mac laptop/desktop

If you are available and in the southern California area, come on out to what is going to be a great evening of fun and excitement as the LoCo gets together to put on this great event!

Feel free to rsvp yourself at this link if you see yourself coming

The event is from 5pm to 7pm.


3 thoughts on “San Deigo Global Jam, You know you wanna come out!

  1. looks like what i need. I have a computer with Ubuntu that I have not had the time to use. It was a gift from a friend but Never have never have time. So i hope to come to the global jam but i will be inclined to sell it. It is a perfectly good computer.

  2. Jerome, We will love to show you the in’s and outs of Ubuntu. If you are selling it because you are not used to using Ubuntu, no-worries as we can help you get started. Also if you are wanting to learn how to use it to show potential customers, we can do that as well. we can get you some skills for as long as you can stay and as long as your time allows for you to be at the jam:)

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