Kismet, is it out of date?

The past week when I was looking to connect to a wi-fi network while out and about, I opened up my install of Kismet. when it was running, I thought to myself, what is going on with the Kismet development team. So I hopped right onto their website and looked at what they have been doing as of late. when I went to the download section of their page, It say’s they have a repo you can add to download kismet from specifically for 11.04. Considering doing this, I went to the software Center to see the upload date of the current build/version in the Ubuntu repos says “kismet 2008-05-R1-4.3”.

That is when I decided I need to upgrade. after pasting their code right into my terminal “assuming you have curl already installed, it will work right away after you update your system. it takes some more setting up then the old version, and possibly disabling network manager might be a solid option. In any event it has helped me stay up with the Kismet project, and it is truly a great job what these man and women are doing for the Linux WI-FI world.

curl | sudo apt-key add -


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