Speaking at San Diego Linux users group

Earlier this month, I had the honor and privilege of speaking at the San Diego Linux users group. I spoke about ways to customize your Ubuntu desktop, the talk finished a little earlier than the group meeting was planned to go to, so I used that time to talk about some of the server stuff with Ubuntu, as well as the switch to systemd. This seemed to take up the rest of the time. Overall, I was able to have a great experience and felt that I benefited Ubuntu tremendously.Thanks again for the invite everybody!

Nice picture of the group that I spoke to

Nice picture of the group that I spoke to


Attending the February Tijuana Tech Meetup.

This last weekend, I had the chance to go and promote Ubuntu, just south of my home in San Diego at the Tijuana Intercomunidades meetup. The Linux Users group was able to present about Linux to the attendees, and I was able to tell people about Ubuntu while there, as well as share some Ubuntu CDs. This was a great chance for Ubuntu to grow in northern Mexico, even though it is growing already. I can not wait to go again and share Ubuntu even further.

Linux Presentation

Scale and Ubucon

Just a little over a week ago I had the privilege of both attending and helping out at the Southern California Linux Expo. As someone who simi-frequently travels to other far away lands for Linux related software events, it is nice to be able to visit a place so close to home and see the impacts of a conference like this first hand.

The first portion of the conference involved me assisting and attending UbuCon at SCALE. What was different about this UbuCon, was that this UbuCon was a cooperative of both the Ubuntu community, and Canonical. All of the talks were amazing. One of the talks was about building a Juju Charm. Another was about gtting started in Free software as a career. I saw a keynote by Mark Shuttleworth, and also a member of my local community, Nathan Haines that have pictures right below. IMG_20160121_102222810
(Mark Shuttleworth giving an opening Keynote to the conference)

(Nathan Haines talking at UbuCon)

Once the Ubuntu mini conference ended, I was able to work with my favorite part of SCALE, The Next Generation. It is a part of SCALE, I work on. Here, we have Children from all over the country and beyond come and speak about the amazing things they are doing with Free Software. This year we had a child speak about statistics with R, that made me feel like I should know about statistics!

Below is a picture from a local high school that came out to present on some of the work they have been doing.

Needless to say, it was a great time and I cannot wait until next year!

Christmas Cards!

This year, I will continue my tradition of sending out Christmas cards to anyone I have worked with in the Open Source world this past year. If you would like to receive one feel free to comment below with your address or email me at philipballew@ubuntu.com with the subject “christmas card” and include your address so I can send you one. I only have Christmas cards, so if you do not celebrate Christmas, there is no need to feel left out as the cards are just a way of me saying thanks, so please reply as well!


This i the part of OSCON where I had the hard part of the week where I worked a booth for the entire week. I was able to meet many different people from all over the world through this experience. 66731_10151578417818160_1604991232_n

(Courtesy of: Benjamin Kerensa)

Tuesday was a hard day for the booth because it was only open in the evening and everybody was around to come and see. however I was excited to show off the new Ubuntu Edge phone and phone campaign that is taking place. After the expo hall closed down, I was able to attend the Planet OSCON Party where there was free egg rolls. Always been a fan of Chinese food!

The next day of Booth work was the longest day of the entire week for me. All day on my feet helping out the people who are interested in what Ubuntu is up to these days.If you were one of these people, let me say thank you. thank you for making sure to let us know what the users want, and making sure your questions make me always know what I need to know to help the rest of the Ubuntu community out. It is conferences like this where we can get a first hand interaction with the people using what we work on everyday.

Thursday was the last day of my booth work and I was happy to be able to call the hard work to a close, but sad to be now unable to interact with these people on a daily basis.  Soon after this, I flew back home and all of a sudden, my boring life resumed. Though I am still bringing back a heart warmed by the great many people I met from all over the open source community. Thank you for being a fan of Ubuntu. We do it for the fans. We do it for you!

OSCON day one re-cap

Yesterday was the first day of OSCON and it was one of the best first days I have seen in a whole for a conference. Not only did registration go smoothly, but there was plenty of time to meet and socialize with other attendees. I was unable to attend any conference talks because I was setting up the booth for most of the day (expect pictures in the next blog post) and the team working the booth is almost fully ready. The booth will open today at 5pm pacific time and we are eagerly anticipating this and can not wait to show the world what Ubuntu is up to these days. This so far has been a great conference and expect the rest of the conference to go even smoother and with more fun. If you happen to be at OSCON and have not seen me yet, find me (I’ll be at the Ubuntu booth all week) and say hello. I would love to meet you.DSCN1346


CLS has been a great success. It is clear that the people such as myself who were able to attend have all been able to grow our community knowledge together in a way that will be evident to the greater Open Source community. One of my favorite sessions I was able to attend was called “engaging volunteer communities” and here I will be able to use this knowledge and move it to be useful to the Ubuntu Community as a whole. We as a greater open source community have benefited greatly here.  Now we will move into the week as OSCON approaches. It is going to be a great week and I look forward to all the people I will meet.



I am currently sitting in the Sacramento airport awaiting my flight to Portland to attend the Community Leadership Summit and OSCON. Looking forward to an exciting week ahead for both the people I will meet and the good times I will have. For those not in Portland this week, you can follow my blog this week as I post information about the conference, and put up as many pictures as I can. or my Twitter account @philipballew. If you are going to be at OSCON, come and find me. Even if I do not know who you are, I want to find out who you are and get to know you. Hope to see you there!

Represent your LoCo and send a Postcard to show that Ubuntu is used all over the world

It has been a good day as I have been attempting to convince people to mail me post cards or any personal letters so I can show people what I receive and say  that Ubuntu is used all over the world. If you are unaware of my mission, then my previous blog post will explain what I am working on accomplishing. Basically I want to be able to show the world that the Ubuntu community is alive and strong all throughout the world. From the developers, to the users, to the heads of Canonical, Ubuntu pride still runs strong. We care about this community and want to make it grow, so lets represent where we are from, and make it known to others in the community that your area has a strong Ubuntu presence. So I am going to take these post cards or whatever I receive and show people I meet along the open source journey that Ubuntu is growing strong. I will make these into an item that people can always add to and be able to use as an example that Ubuntu is what world for them. We are Ubuntu, and we are community.

If you wish to send a post card and represent your area of the world please send it to:

Philip Ballew
3900 Lomaland DR.
San Diego CA 92106

Showcase the diversity of the Ubuntu community!

I am looking to make a blog post about all the diverse areas of the world we have people in the Ubuntu community and want to highlight this with postcards I can show in a blog post and possibly beyond. I am giving people the opportunity here to mail me a post card from wherever they live on this planet. I would like to have the post card feature a picture of where they live, or say something about where they are from. Anywhere in the world is cool. If you do send one, feel free to comment below or email (philipballew@ubuntu.com) so I know it is on it’s way. Thank you for taking the time to help with Ubuntu! My address is below:

Philip Ballew
3900 Lomaland DR.
San Diego CA 92106